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Explore our home recipes with our customizable menu. Pick your favorites today for a quick snack or a heavy meal.

Triple Treat

Enjoy a hot and crispy fried chicken + medium french fries + medium coke.

Chicken Zinger

Try out the new chicken zinger and zinger burger combo.

Ultimate Saving Bucket

Get the best deals to celebrate your special occasions with our saving buckets.

Offer Flat 50 Off On Your first Order!

Order today to avail your first discount on your first order. Experience the taste and crispiness of fried chicken like never before. Order now!

Smoky Rice Bowl & Pepsi

Smokey Rice Bowl
Steamy rice bowl stuffed with the crispy and saucy chicken chunks.

5 In Rice Box

Choose what you want and get it packed in a cool lunch box that you can carry.


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Our recipes are passed down from our grandmother to use who made the best chicken during thanksgiving. She told us about what goes inside the recipe, and one thing she never measured while adding was love. We share the recipe with your tastebuds today in our fine dining restaurant. Come over and try out our menu.


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What is the importance of SEO in the digital marketing

What is the importance of SEO in the digital marketing?

SEO stands for the Search Engine Optimization).

What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

The digital marketing is one of the essential things in a successful business. It makes the business very easy and profitable. It is very less expensive compared to the other traditional methods. With the high growth of the internet in the society makes the people spending their time in to check the social media and purchase online products. Best digital advertising malaysia Marketing is better growth to the smaller organization. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Wal-mart, and Target are the bigger corporation that plays a vital role in the marketing. It makes you to get the customers at the right time in the right place.


What is the Important of SEO in the digital marketing (Search Engine Optimization)?

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  • SEO is very useful for increasing the quantity and quality of your website. So it is most important in the marketing field.
  • It will help to find the what people searching in the online, what answers they are seeking, what words they are using, what kind of content they are searching in the online, and what are the products and services searching on the internet.
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How many types of SEO’s are there in the digital marketing?


There are three types of SEO in the online marketing. They are given as below,

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO


One Search Pro Malaysia On-page SEO is used to develop the individual web page for higher ranking and it is also used for obtaining the more leads.


The purpose of the Off-page SEO is to include all other activities of SEO which occur on the outside of the website. It also embraces the social media and local SEO’s.


The strategy of the technical SEO is to improve all the technical features on the website to gain a higher ranking which it makes faster and easier to understand for the visitors and customers.


These are the types of the SEO.


What are the merits of the SEO in digital marketing?


  • SEO helps to increase the quality of the user experience on the website.
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  • This is the one of the largest sources of the site traffic.
  • The most important merit of SEO is it has no way to involve the paid Ads.
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What are the demerits of the SEO in digital marketing?


  • SEO needs the constant investment.
  • It needs the strategic plans to adopt the new changes.
  • It can be competitive are not able to grow constantly in a small business.
  • SEO the change can take a time period of weeks or months.
  • There is no safeguard in the SEO.


The Five Steps to Perfect Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Cooks out there must know to marinate and fry chicken the way everyone likes it. While some people love to have it moderately fried, the others munch on to it only when it is as crispy as a flaky stem of a tree. However, there is a correct scale to value the perfect fried chicken. The reputation of a cook will develop only when his/her fried chicken is all set to surprise you. In order to be among the top cooks in town, you need to be nimble at handling the slices of chicken and frying it right.

You will need a deconstructed form of the recipe to start cooking it the best way. The chicken has set the crust as its armor as the meat is insulated from the boiling oil with this gateway. Beneath the crust is the skin of the chicken, and below that is the layer of fat. You will need to make sure everything is made right before the teeth meet the chicken. Let us look at a few steps to cook the perfect fried chicken.

1.      Brine the Chicken In Flavored Solution

Since chicken loses almost 30% of its moisture before cooking, it is best to have it brined. Certain compounds in the muscle will be turned into liquid by the salt solution, meaning the meat will become juicier. The extra flavor you have added to the brine solution will be carried into the meat; so, you can go on to fill the solution with your favorite herbs or spices.

Brine the Chicken

2.      Marinate the Chicken in Seasoned Buttermilk

Brining makes chicken juicy and marinating makes it tender. When using buttermilk to marinate the meat, the calcium content in the solution will make the meat tender. Marinating in yogurt might also give you the same effect. Since this buttermilk bath also sweetens up the meat, the flour will be attracted to the crust faster. It simply means that no eggs are required to wash while breading.

3.      Create Crust Using Seasoned Flour

When setting the flour for the crust, make sure not to use sugar but salt and pepper. Although crushed cornflakes, bread, and cracker crumbs are also used for the crust, flour is the highly preferred option. Consider double-breading if you love to have a thick crust. To do this, you can simply dip the once-floured chicken in buttermilk, shake off the excess on the surface, and add the seasoned flour.

Seasoned Flour

4.      Use a Cast Iron Pan

When you want the perfect fried chicken, a deep, heavy cast iron pan is recommended. The process will remain safer, with the deeper sides reducing the spattering of oil.

5.      Fry In Vegetable Oil

You must use fresh oil each time you fry chicken. Regardless of the type of oil used, add a little flavor or bacon grease to make the meat richer in flavor. However, it is always better to use vegetable oil.