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Explore our home recipes with our customizable menu. Pick your favorites today for a quick snack or a heavy meal.

Triple Treat

Enjoy a hot and crispy fried chicken + medium french fries + medium coke.

Chicken Zinger

Try out the new chicken zinger and zinger burger combo.

Ultimate Saving Bucket

Get the best deals to celebrate your special occasions with our saving buckets.

Offer Flat 50 Off On Your first Order!

Order today to avail your first discount on your first order. Experience the taste and crispiness of fried chicken like never before. Order now!

Smoky Rice Bowl & Pepsi

Smokey Rice Bowl
Steamy rice bowl stuffed with the crispy and saucy chicken chunks.

5 In Rice Box

Choose what you want and get it packed in a cool lunch box that you can carry.


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Our recipes are passed down from our grandmother to use who made the best chicken during thanksgiving. She told us about what goes inside the recipe, and one thing she never measured while adding was love. We share the recipe with your tastebuds today in our fine dining restaurant. Come over and try out our menu.


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Great Opportunities for Shopping Online Now

Great Opportunities for Shopping Online Now

A business that knows its customer is more likely to achieve a good financial return, because it understands what its audience wants and knows what the best way to offer something to them is. In this sense, using the private label allows shopkeepers to have access to a lot of relevant information about their customers’ consumption vacuum cleaner malaysia, such as preferences, income, purchase frequency, etc.

It is important to emphasize how this is a valuable strategy for e-commerce, since the profile of the digital customer changes all the time. People are much more selective, connected and unpredictable. Therefore, having certain data at hand improves decision making. You need to think about the benefit of shopping online also.

Promote E-Commerce Website In Malaysia For FREE - Zoewebs

Increase the number of sales

Offering the convenience of a credit card with differentiated conditions, in addition to attracting, makes the consumer return and increase the number of items purchased per impulse. Thus, the private label card   acts as a kind of incentive for the customer to buy more.

Strengthens the brand

Investing in the brand’s own card is a great way to strengthen the company’s image, as you have the chance to create positive marketing. Many storeowners even grant other benefits to their customers in addition to the ease of payment, such as discounts and loyalty rewards.

Are you interested in investing in the private label? Well know that we can make this payment method available in your online store! Talk to our specialized consultants and evaluate your project!

  • Shopping on the internet: if you still don’t trust this type of commerce and depend exclusively on physical stores, know that you are wasting time and money. That’s right! Traditional stores are no longer able to compete with virtual commerce.

Although they are different and irreplaceable on certain issues, there is no denying the fact that virtual stores have several advantages over physical ones.

Proof of this is the consolidation of e-commerce, which has been growing significantly year after year, including. This is a truth that goes in the opposite direction to the current economic scenario in the country.

Anyway, we prepared this post to present you 6 real benefits of shopping over the internet. You will understand why online sales tend to grow even more. Come on?

31 Online Shopping Statistics You Should Know

Shopping on the internet from the comfort of home

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the main benefits of shopping over the internet is convenience. In the virtual environment you will find everything you need without leaving your home.


This will save you time and money. It is wonderful in addition to not having to worry about queues, traffic, salespeople pestering you or spending on fuel and parking.

Pay for lower prices

Although it is not a rule, you may have already noticed that the prices of products sold in online stores are usually lower than those in physical stores. Take the test yourself and check it out.

  • Do you know why this happens? For the simple reason that virtual stores do not suffer from costs related to rents and sellers, for example.

The functioning of an e-commerce is based on inventory control and good logistics. Of course, there are a number of other activities, but under your eyes, these are the aspects to consider.

The most important ritual ceremonies

The most important ritual ceremonies

You can have plenty of options to celebrate the baby shower function with your loved ones, friends, relatives, and families. Typically, the traditional baby shower will be having the party look with the real arrival of every person which you are inviting for the baby shower function angelcare ac420 review. Baby shower is one of the important events and sensitive ritual ceremony. Mostly the baby shower function will be celebrated with the gathering and together with all the family, friends, and relatives to make this ceremony more exciting and interesting. Mostly the baby shower ceremony having lots of ritual things to welcoming the new-born baby. Few mothers are selecting the baby names on this special occasion depends on their lucky number or else liked one. It is a very special day for their father, and especially for the mother for having these kinds of happy moments on that day. Every moment is captured using the photoshoot to showing up to their baby. The baby shower function will be celebrating two different modes which are traditional and virtual mode. In the traditional model, some rules are followed to celebrating it traditionally.

Ideas For Your Baby Shower From Around The World | The Pulse

Scheduled way for celebrating the baby shower

In the traditional way of baby shower function, they are following some schedule to complete every work before the function. First, they are planned to celebrating the baby shower function, so they are listed out their needs. Then designing the invitation for the baby shower. It is a very special and important one, because it will judge how you are treating the relatives and family baby journey. Once prepare the invitation, you can start properly inviting your family. And making every arrangement for the celebration of the baby shower. You should arrange food and refreshment for your guests to treat them very kindly and proud. You should handle and manage your guests with lots of love and happiness at the function. You can even arrange a party after the time of the baby shower. It is expensive compared to the virtual baby shower function. But in the virtual way of baby shower, you can send your invitation through message or phone calls. You can gather every person together with the help of virtual technology. It is very less expensive compared to the traditional celebration.

Baby Blessing Blog: Double Baby Blessing for Lanie and Grady!

In a few causes celebrating the baby shower togetherness is not possible. At these times the virtual celebration takes an important place. If you cannot have the best room for the celebration means you can try it. It is one of the pretty and innovative ideas, it is very cool and effortless work. Id does not need much investment during the pregnancy time. In the pregnancy time, there is a need for bed rests from the arrival of a new baby. Celebrating the baby shower online is very exciting and more fun. The virtual baby shower celebration is one of the best solutions for people who need bed rest, great fun. A virtual baby shower is one of the best ways to gather every person at the same time. It helps to reduce the travel expenses.


What is CMS and how to use it?

What is CMS and how to use it?

Modern sites are far ahead of their simpler cousins ​​from the past decade. In addition to trendy designs and sophisticated promotion techniques, they include a solid set of features that are difficult to replicate on a simple self-written page MLM system developer. It is difficult to write a full-fledged site with a serious set of features “from scratch”, therefore the CMS, better known as the engine, helps programmers in many ways.

Drupal CMS for clients – Drupal Multimedia | Web Development Company in  Egypt | Drupal Development

What is CMS?

It is worth knowing what a CMS is and what its purpose is for everyone who has at least little to do with the topic of web resource development. The acronym stands for Content Management System. The name accurately captures the essence. CMS is a script-based software that allows you to manage, change, view and control the content of a resource. Today’s systems have wide functionality and consist of a huge number of modules, each of which is responsible for its own elements. The software helps to create typical sites from blocks like a constructor. This practically does not even require programming skills. Conventionally, CMS can be divided into several parts:

  • Database storage, which contains information about users, site content and other important entities;
  • Storage of interface elements with which the user directly interacts when viewing the site;
  • A visual editor to help you create pages with ease.

In addition, multiple modules allow you to add certain additional functions to the site.

What the system is used for

Modern CMS are used very widely: it is difficult to do without them for any company that enters Internet sites and needs its own website. Unlike specialized IT firms with professional teams of specialists, most non-core organizations cannot provide themselves with the creation of a resource from scratch and therefore use common CMS to develop a typical site. This is an excellent solution for those who need a resource with a standard set of functions, be it a business card or an online store. CMS allows:

  • Fill the site with content, change and administer the resource, while not being an IT specialist and not having serious programming skills;
  • Create new pages in a short time without extra costs;
  • Enhance the look of the site and recover the excellence of its content.

What is a CMS and Which CMS Should You Use? | WebAlive


From what has already been said, it is obvious that the use of a content management system when developing a site has several important advantages at once. They are especially relevant for owners of non-core companies, whose staff does not have a large number of web programmers:

  • No need for serious technical knowledge, advanced programming and layout skills;
  • High speed of website creation;
  • Ease of administration and adding new elements;
  • The ability to create a beautiful design without unnecessary difficulties;
  • Humble content, reachable even to people with not special knowledge.

These advantages make the use of CMS the optimal solution for most typical sites – much more profitable than creating a resource “from scratch”. Some companies may offer self-written systems, but in most cases they are not comparable in quality to popular counterparts.

Retail Marketing And Strategies To Make Your Client Base Firm.  

Retail Marketing And Strategies To Make Your Client Base Firm.  

Retail marketing 

Retail marketing involves the strategies and tactics which retailers use to attract customers and drive sales smart glass. The best marketing strategy would be where your customers are, the market in places where your customer base would widen, and get good online listings. Maintaining a good client base, in the beginning, ensures word of mouth, and word of mouth sends the message far and wide. Hence it is good to impress clients in the first go. There are many devices that your customers use to browse your site; having a UX/UI design that is user-friendly and compatible with any device is important. It could also start by leveraging the consents that you already own with a new collection. 

There are four classic Ps which all retail marketers follow, 

  • Product- a physical item being sold
  • Price- the pricing strategy the merchandise uses to get clients 
  • Place- referring to the location/platform used to sell the product
  • Promotion- to get the word out to the public, this is what the retailer does
  • Short- and Long-Term Marketing Strategies | Launch Marketing

Successful marketing strategies- offline and online 

Having a successful retail marketing strategy, it is required to have solid 4Ps. They would work hand in hand; if you fall short in one department switchable glass malaysia price, you might want to rethink the brand. Moreover, your employees are the best marketers. It is important to keep them engaged and motivated, starting with hiring the right people, along with treating them right. The employees are genuinely happy only when they enjoy working and introduces healthy competition compensation and training programs to make them better. This strives to make the place a suitable place to work. 

Retail and social media are in rising popularity nowadays, people take it very seriously, which usually works more than newspaper advertising. Every individual usually has a mobile phone which they use to get customers. You could work out interesting posts and coupons online to know the number of clients who use which base. You could have discounts on your online store, to make sure the sales go well there are well. Few more strategies to give a good competition to your opponents are holding events, a YouTube channel to educate the buyers on how to use the product, selling locally made products, etc. 

How to Prepare for the Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals | DailyBN

Tips for getting more customers 

Overall, your store should give customers a good reason to come back, let it be one-of-a-kind products, or build a strong relationship with them. Designing your customer experiences bring to life the smallest details and help deliver excellence. The research for selling through, competition, and customers should go on constantly. Conducting background checks for the employees before hiring is also important. Customer Service care should be top-notch; once the customers are impressed with your services, they will, for sure, get back to you and come for more. Being locally relevant is important; you need to learn the customers’ needs in your area, what do they require the most, what sells the most. Adjusting to the surroundings saves money in production for you, and you will get the traffic needed at the store. 

What is the importance of SEO in the digital marketing

What is the importance of SEO in the digital marketing?

SEO stands for the Search Engine Optimization).

What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

The digital marketing is one of the essential things in a successful business. It makes the business very easy and profitable. It is very less expensive compared to the other traditional methods. With the high growth of the internet in the society makes the people spending their time in to check the social media and purchase online products. Best digital advertising malaysia Marketing is better growth to the smaller organization. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Wal-mart, and Target are the bigger corporation that plays a vital role in the marketing. It makes you to get the customers at the right time in the right place.


What is the Important of SEO in the digital marketing (Search Engine Optimization)?

6 Best Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy | CommBox (BumpYard)

  • SEO is very useful for increasing the quantity and quality of your website. So it is most important in the marketing field.
  • It will help to find the what people searching in the online, what answers they are seeking, what words they are using, what kind of content they are searching in the online, and what are the products and services searching on the internet.
  • The search engine is used to make all kind of discovering and cataloguing content which is available on the internet in the way of crawling and indexing. These are some of the importance of seo.


How many types of SEO’s are there in the digital marketing?


There are three types of SEO in the online marketing. They are given as below,

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO


One Search Pro Malaysia On-page SEO is used to develop the individual web page for higher ranking and it is also used for obtaining the more leads.


The purpose of the Off-page SEO is to include all other activities of SEO which occur on the outside of the website. It also embraces the social media and local SEO’s.


The strategy of the technical SEO is to improve all the technical features on the website to gain a higher ranking which it makes faster and easier to understand for the visitors and customers.


These are the types of the SEO.


What are the merits of the SEO in digital marketing?


  • SEO helps to increase the quality of the user experience on the website.
  • It will also improve the brand visibility to the customers.
  • It can increase the brand credibility and trust to the frequenter.
  • This is the one of the largest sources of the site traffic.
  • The most important merit of SEO is it has no way to involve the paid Ads.
  • It helps to attract a large number of local customers in rural and urban areas.


What are the demerits of the SEO in digital marketing?


  • SEO needs the constant investment.
  • It needs the strategic plans to adopt the new changes.
  • It can be competitive are not able to grow constantly in a small business.
  • SEO the change can take a time period of weeks or months.
  • There is no safeguard in the SEO.


The Five Steps to Perfect Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Cooks out there must know to marinate and fry chicken the way everyone likes it. While some people love to have it moderately fried, the others munch on to it only when it is as crispy as a flaky stem of a tree. However, there is a correct scale to value the perfect fried chicken. The reputation of a cook will develop only when his/her fried chicken is all set to surprise you. In order to be among the top cooks in town, you need to be nimble at handling the slices of chicken and frying it right.

You will need a deconstructed form of the recipe to start cooking it the best way. The chicken has set the crust as its armor as the meat is insulated from the boiling oil with this gateway. Beneath the crust is the skin of the chicken, and below that is the layer of fat. You will need to make sure everything is made right before the teeth meet the chicken. Let us look at a few steps to cook the perfect fried chicken.

1.      Brine the Chicken In Flavored Solution

Since chicken loses almost 30% of its moisture before cooking, it is best to have it brined. Certain compounds in the muscle will be turned into liquid by the salt solution, meaning the meat will become juicier. The extra flavor you have added to the brine solution will be carried into the meat; so, you can go on to fill the solution with your favorite herbs or spices.

Brine the Chicken

2.      Marinate the Chicken in Seasoned Buttermilk

Brining makes chicken juicy and marinating makes it tender. When using buttermilk to marinate the meat, the calcium content in the solution will make the meat tender. Marinating in yogurt might also give you the same effect. Since this buttermilk bath also sweetens up the meat, the flour will be attracted to the crust faster. It simply means that no eggs are required to wash while breading.

3.      Create Crust Using Seasoned Flour

When setting the flour for the crust, make sure not to use sugar but salt and pepper. Although crushed cornflakes, bread, and cracker crumbs are also used for the crust, flour is the highly preferred option. Consider double-breading if you love to have a thick crust. To do this, you can simply dip the once-floured chicken in buttermilk, shake off the excess on the surface, and add the seasoned flour.

Seasoned Flour

4.      Use a Cast Iron Pan

When you want the perfect fried chicken, a deep, heavy cast iron pan is recommended. The process will remain safer, with the deeper sides reducing the spattering of oil.

5.      Fry In Vegetable Oil

You must use fresh oil each time you fry chicken. Regardless of the type of oil used, add a little flavor or bacon grease to make the meat richer in flavor. However, it is always better to use vegetable oil.